Matters needing attention when installing water heater Six Must-Do List
Published on: Aug 27, 2020 11:27:03      Views: 56243

1. All water heater to be installed by a professional installer.

2. Check the ground wire for a current before installation. And according to the power of the electric appliance, select the switch socket of the appropriate specification as well as power cords.

3. Be sure to install your electric water heater on the outer surface of the solid wall, especially in the position for easy maintenance.

4. Keep power socket more than 2 meters away from the electric water heater when installed to avoid electric shock in the shower.

5. Indoor vent is required or install the exhaust fan. Protect your electric water heater from rain If installed outdoor.

6. Be sure to ask the installation personnel to conduct functional tests and demonstrations after installation and help explain how to use.


Non-standard installation and usage lead the product to be out of work, which normally gives rise to customers’ misunderstanding on product quality. Thus, it is necessary to pay more attention on four aspects as follows.

1. No mixing valves.

Instant electric water heater does not require the mixing valve. Flow of hot water will decline as the mixing valve mixes and supplies the hot water coming out of the water heater with cold water. As such, the water temperature reaches a certain threshold temperature and then water temperatures will be fluctuating. The customers who have had mixing valve used in their families should be informed that the there is no need to mix hot water and cold water and deliver hot water directly. Therefore, sediment buildup fails to form and the product’s lifespan will be extended.

2. Control water flow.

Shower head is required that comes with instant electric water heater during installation. Water heaters are normally able to regulate water flow or raise up water temperature, but average user does not have the habit of controlling faucet flow, causing the water temperature fail to reach the intended effect.

3. Install filter screen.

The filter screen is required inside the water inlet. This screen is designed to keep particles that may obstruct magnet from entering the water flow or clogging the shower head with decreasing supply of water. If the filter screen gets clogged, the water flow will be cut down. Additionally, the water heater fails to heat the water when the magnet is out of work. Basically, a periodic cleaning is needed for screen to remove deposits.

4. Check the location of magnet.

Be sure to check whether the magnet is located at the bottom as well as normally operated, based on which the water heater could work normally. Magnet comes with a common switch for water and power supply, which could be carried out at the same time. If the magnet gets clogged, the water heater is in a dry condition or out or work. Only if those particles have been removed does the water heater run normally.


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